Download your uKeg Gift Brochure

December 07, 2014

We'll mail this printed gift brochure to our Kickstarter Backers this month, but if you’d like a copy sooner, need to give several, or would prefer a digital copy, you can download the pdf file using the link below.

The brochure can be printed double-sided on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper or card stock and folded lengthwise.

Holiday Ale Festival Caps uKeg Crowdfunding

December 07, 2014

We didn’t plan this, but what a perfect evening to gear up for the last 24 hours of our Kickstarter campaign that began in October.

We were honored to exhibit the uKeg at Portland’s legendary Holiday Ale Festival, where delicious holiday beers gather in Pioneer Square. And it was a good reminder that we craft beer lovers want and need a way to keep the amazing beer found here fresh and carbonated.

The beer line up was stellar. We didn’t taste everything, generally staying close to our booth, but of those we enjoyed Lompoc’s Pinot Noir Barrel Aged Cheval de Trait, Ex Novo’s Moonstriker, and Hopworks Incredible Abominable.

This year’s winter brews were coupled with a lot of holiday cheer and much local fa-la-love.

GrowlerWerks’ backers kept stopping by to say hello and see the uKeg in person. People learning about the uKeg for the first time were generous with their congratulations and support. It felt good to connect with so many people in person, show off or our uKeg and send folks home with some beer coasters until the uKegs arrive in the spring. Thanks for a great night, Portland. Thanks for your support, GrowlerWerks’ backers. You made the campaign a hit & brought the uKeg to life. And at 9 p.m. tonight, we’ll know exactly how many uKegs we’ll be shipping this Spring.


Shawn Huff with Ezra Johnson-Greenough of
New School Beer blog (

Our uKeg Overflows with Gratitude

November 06, 2014

Raising more than $500,000 in crowdfunding and gathering nearly 4,000 backers has not slowed the uKeg down. It’s a social creation, after all, enabling craft beer lovers to share good beverages and enjoyable moments with the people in their lives.

We kicked off our campaign at Hopworks Urban Brewery, where we got lots of love from family and friends. Strong support from them and the local beer community helped form our Kickstarter campaign into a healthy snowball that started rolling.

Since the Kickstarter debut on Oct. 15, the uKeg has been pouring at some favorite local stomps: Growlers Hawthorne, Imperial Bottle Shop, Beer Mongers, Ex Novo, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Lompoc. The uKeg even made it to a Northwest favorite last month: Leavenworth’s Oktoberfest. And after enjoying a bit of Bavaria, the GrowlerWerks team is back in its craft beer mecca excited about finishing the crowdfunding campaign strong and getting down to the business of production. The game-changing growler that keeps oxygen away from beer, maintaining perfect carbonation from the first to last pour, is coming to a home, backyard or campsite near you.

A Prost to all of you who helped make that possible. With you on board, the Kickstarter campaign has ranked third most popular, became a staff pick, met its funding goal within three days and attracted a lot of good press. Our team is forever grateful for the positive support and financial backing we’ve received.

Stay tuned, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for upcoming demonstration locations and other important updates. We’ll keep working to put a uKeg in the hands of every person who wants to keep craft beer fresh, changing how — and how often — people enjoy craft beer.

The GrowlerWerks team — Evan, Shawn, Brian and Chris

Growler Laws State by State

October 17, 2014

A popular topic of any conversation about growlers includes laws.  In 1985, only 21 craft breweries existed in the U.S.  Since then craft beer has experienced significant growth, and the complex flavors and quality of craft beer is appealing to Americans like never before.  However, not every location in the U.S. currently allows growlers to be filled and taken off-premises, and the exact information can be unclear.

So the GrowlerWerks Team compiled information from the Brewer’s Association growler law database ( and made this easy to use map.

There are interesting changes in legislation currently happening around the country to remove restrictions and make growler fills more accessible. Perhaps to meet the voice of craft beer lovers? Promote economic growth? Or, as we like to think, State Congress members are also craft beer lovers….

We went to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO

October 15, 2014

The uKeg hit the bar at the Hyatt after Saturday night sessions of the annual Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. It made fast friends.

Conference attendees fell in love with our uKeg. Getting beer out of glass jugs and into something that keeps it better really resonated with people who love craft beer. Brewers were rightly curious about a growler that could increase their access to the masses and serve their beer as they intended it to be served — fresh and carbonated. And breweries were excited about the sleek look that the growler could bring to their shelves.

Denver was nice, it was sunny there, and CO makes some tasty beers!  Oregon did exceptionally well at GABF too, reminding us it’s fitting that the uKeg was born in our craft beer mecca. And when we weren’t busy introducing the uKeg to folks, we were busy figuring out which beers we’d want in our own personal uKegs.

With 3,500 beers to potentially sample, we gave it our best. Cheers to new ciders, Imperial Russian stouts, pumpkin porters, a cadre of IPAs and a blood orange saison.


uKeg in-action around Portland, keeping beer fresh and people happy!

October 01, 2014

We made this video to promote the uKeg and our upcoming Kickstarter launch on Oct. 15.


Oregon’s Craft Beer Boom – A Panel Discussion

September 28, 2014

At Tuesday’s craft beer panel discussion put on by The Oregonian, there wasn’t any worry among the experts that Oregon is hitting a limit on how many breweries and pubs this beer-loving state can support.

Instead, the state’s craft beer innovations, industry camaraderie, an ability to draw tourists and the growth in the number of women backing beer here all suggest good things for the beverage we love and the people who make it.

A highlight of the night for us was when Karl Ockert, the technical director of the Master Brewer Association of the Americas, told a story about how craft beer used to be carried home in a variety of things, including anti-freeze containers. The uKeg has come a long way.

From Left to Right:
Gary Geist, co-owner and co-founder, Lucky Labrador Brewing
Graham Brogan, head of brewery operations, McMenamins
Karl Ockert, technical director, Master Brewer Assn. of the Americas (founding brewmaster of BridgePort)
John Foyston, special writer for the Oregonian
Dr. Jeff Dense, Eastern Oregon University Professor
Mike Wright, owner and founder, The Commons Brewery
Brian Butenschoen, executive director, Oregon Brewers Guild
The panel discussion was held at Green Dragon

Brave New Growler? John Foyston, aka THE beer guy in Portland, thinks so on OregonLive

September 17, 2014

John Foyston is known as a guru in Portland’s beer community.  We were honored to have John write an article about the uKeg in the Oregonian.

In his article, John recognized how GrowlerWerks can change the way people enjoy craft beer.  John’s articles about beer show he is very knowledgeable about the beverage we love and how it brings us together.  Cheers!

Click to view the full article: