Check Out With Us On Black Friday

In an effort to promote quality over quantity that GrowlerWerks holds at the very core of our company, we will not be partaking in nor promoting any Black Friday deals.

We have been burning the midnight oil day-in, day-out to bring the you the world’s greatest growler. We have had some setbacks, but that has not stopped us from pushing forward to fulfill our Kickstarter Backers and customers who brought the uKeg to life with eager support.

However, on Friday, November 25, 2016, we will not be in our offices because we will be taking the day off to savor the holiday, share good times with our loved ones, and we will be escaping from the Whoville-esque pressures that come with holiday consumerism.

Whether that is spending the day inside with your closest family, heading out on an outdoor adventure or heading to your favorite watering hole, we ask that you #Opt2Escape.

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Meet the fearless brands we joined forces with in our quest for a quality crafted holiday!

See How Everyone Is Escaping On Black Friday: #Opt2Escape