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uKeg Delivery Update

March 07, 2016

Hi GrowlerWerks-ers,

We appreciate everyone's support as we've been working hard to get uKeg 64's shipped out. We wanted to update our Kickstarter Backers on the range of uKegs that are being shipped from our warehouse. 

Can you tell us when we'll be receiving uKegs and when?

This applies to uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards for Kickstarter Backers only.  The numbers have not changed per our last update, as rewards are still being fulfilled.

  • Backers up to #4100 who selected pickup option. If you selected “pick-up” you will be contacted by email
  • All backers who selected “Reseller 12-Pack”
  • Backers up to #4100 with stainless steel rewards + other items

I received a notification from UPS, does this mean my uKeg has shipped?

The short answer is not necessarily.  Our current fulfillment processes mandates we print UPS shipping labels in large batches, then provide these to our warehouse and fulfilment center, who add the labels to uKeg boxes and prepare them to be picked up by UPS.

When we print these UPS labels, UPS’s system sends an email notification if you have a UPS account. Note: This simply means that UPS has your shipping information, but does not mean UPS has your package yet.  We understand this causes some confusion. Rest assured, if you received a notification, this means your uKeg rewards are in our warehouse and will be shipped to you soon.  Example:

International rewards will take longer because each label must be entered by hand. 

My uKeg arrived and I need help or have a service-related issue. What should I do?

Please be sure to visit the How-To-Use page on our website: 

There you will find instructions for quick-start and cleaning, a short how-to-use video and more information about using the regulator cap. As a reminder, the VPR regulator cap automatically maintains pressure, so you don’t need to turn off the selector dial, unless needed to remove the cap. Our automatic design keeps your beer fresh and carbonated just the way you like it, until the next time you’re ready to drink it.

Do you have additional needs or questions?

A reminder we have set up separate emails to improve our customer service experience. To better address your specific issues, please email one of the following that best fits your needs.

  • For Kickstarter Questions you can email:
  • For Product Questions and Service email:
  • For other inquiries email:


The GrowlerWerks Team