Our uKeg Overflows with Gratitude

November 06, 2014

Raising more than $500,000 in crowdfunding and gathering nearly 4,000 backers has not slowed the uKeg down. It’s a social creation, after all, enabling craft beer lovers to share good beverages and enjoyable moments with the people in their lives.

We kicked off our campaign at Hopworks Urban Brewery, where we got lots of love from family and friends. Strong support from them and the local beer community helped form our Kickstarter campaign into a healthy snowball that started rolling.

Since the Kickstarter debut on Oct. 15, the uKeg has been pouring at some favorite local stomps: Growlers Hawthorne, Imperial Bottle Shop, Beer Mongers, Ex Novo, Hopworks Urban Brewery, and Lompoc. The uKeg even made it to a Northwest favorite last month: Leavenworth’s Oktoberfest. And after enjoying a bit of Bavaria, the GrowlerWerks team is back in its craft beer mecca excited about finishing the crowdfunding campaign strong and getting down to the business of production. The game-changing growler that keeps oxygen away from beer, maintaining perfect carbonation from the first to last pour, is coming to a home, backyard or campsite near you.

A Prost to all of you who helped make that possible. With you on board, the Kickstarter campaign has ranked third most popular, became a staff pick, met its funding goal within three days and attracted a lot of good press. Our team is forever grateful for the positive support and financial backing we’ve received.

Stay tuned, sign up for our email list, and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for upcoming demonstration locations and other important updates. We’ll keep working to put a uKeg in the hands of every person who wants to keep craft beer fresh, changing how — and how often — people enjoy craft beer.

The GrowlerWerks team — Evan, Shawn, Brian and Chris


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