We went to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO

October 15, 2014

The uKeg hit the bar at the Hyatt after Saturday night sessions of the annual Great American Beer Festival in Colorado. It made fast friends.

Conference attendees fell in love with our uKeg. Getting beer out of glass jugs and into something that keeps it better really resonated with people who love craft beer. Brewers were rightly curious about a growler that could increase their access to the masses and serve their beer as they intended it to be served — fresh and carbonated. And breweries were excited about the sleek look that the growler could bring to their shelves.

Denver was nice, it was sunny there, and CO makes some tasty beers!  Oregon did exceptionally well at GABF too, reminding us it’s fitting that the uKeg was born in our craft beer mecca. And when we weren’t busy introducing the uKeg to folks, we were busy figuring out which beers we’d want in our own personal uKegs.

With 3,500 beers to potentially sample, we gave it our best. Cheers to new ciders, Imperial Russian stouts, pumpkin porters, a cadre of IPAs and a blood orange saison.



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