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Oregon’s Craft Beer Boom – A Panel Discussion

September 28, 2014

At Tuesday’s craft beer panel discussion put on by The Oregonian, there wasn’t any worry among the experts that Oregon is hitting a limit on how many breweries and pubs this beer-loving state can support.

Instead, the state’s craft beer innovations, industry camaraderie, an ability to draw tourists and the growth in the number of women backing beer here all suggest good things for the beverage we love and the people who make it.

A highlight of the night for us was when Karl Ockert, the technical director of the Master Brewer Association of the Americas, told a story about how craft beer used to be carried home in a variety of things, including anti-freeze containers. The uKeg has come a long way.

From Left to Right:
Gary Geist, co-owner and co-founder, Lucky Labrador Brewing
Graham Brogan, head of brewery operations, McMenamins
Karl Ockert, technical director, Master Brewer Assn. of the Americas (founding brewmaster of BridgePort)
John Foyston, special writer for the Oregonian
Dr. Jeff Dense, Eastern Oregon University Professor
Mike Wright, owner and founder, The Commons Brewery
Brian Butenschoen, executive director, Oregon Brewers Guild
The panel discussion was held at Green Dragon