GrowlerWerks Production Update

May 11, 2015

uKeg Production Samples Have Arrived!

Greetings GrowlerWerks supporters.  We appreciate your patience as we’ve been working hard to reach a major milestone – fully functioning uKeg production samples.  They have arrived!

Check out this video we posted to our YouTube channel of Brian showing off the latest uKeg:

Production Ramp, New Schedule

We've made great progress getting to the stage we're at now, and the factories are confident that they've developed tools and processes that will make great uKegs. However, because some of the operations are brand new, everyone has agreed we'll be better off with a slower production ramp than originally scheduled. Quality is our first priority with the uKeg, and to ensure that quality we want to spend more time with our factories during the initial stages of production.

Because of this, unfortunately we won’t be able to ship uKegs in June and July as planned. Instead, we're doing a pilot run of 200 uKeg 64's at the end of this month, and then starting production for Kickstarter delivery in July, August and September. We'll be fulfilling all orders in order of backer # as the material becomes available. Here’s our current production schedule:

Manufacturing Development

Brian recently returned from his second trip to Shenzhen. He stopped in at each of our factories to ensure they're making good progress towards finished production tooling. Brian also inspected the production lines and was very pleased with the progress and staff support. We also all agreed on the detailed schedule for tooling validation and initial production.

Sample Demonstrations

We’ve been asked to provide uKeg sample demonstrations at some local breweries and tap rooms around the Northwest.  If you didn't see the uKeg in person during our Kickstarter campaign, you can follow us on Facebook and we’ll be announcing upcoming events as they are scheduled.

The GrowlerWerks Team