Craft Brewers Conference Recap

June 09, 2015

Time has flown since April.  Alas, the Craft Brewers Conference being hosted here in our hometown was an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.  What a treat to have all the players in our tight-knight industry in one place at the same time!  With over 600 exhibitors and over 11,000 attendees gathered in the Oregon Convention Center, it served as THE place to connect with suppliers, brewers, retailers across the US and internationally.

The GowlerWerks exhibit booth proved to be popular. We consistently stayed about three deep the whole time, and people were very interested.  It was a great experience to connect with other people doing innovative things in craft beer – more than one venture company was planning to deliver craft beer brewery-direct, it’s legal in some states, and they wanted to use our uKeg growlers as the container of choice.  More than one restaurant wanted to upgrade their traditional pitchers of beer with be-your-own bartender uKegs.

The highlight was the Beer Machines party thrown by Deschutes Brewery and Columbia Distributing.  Six local artists were commissioned to create six Steampunk-inspired beer-dispensing works of art – along with musical and dance performance by San Francisco’s J Boogie.  We could appreciate every moment :)


The GrowlerWerks Team


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