September uKeg production Update - GrowlerWerks

September uKeg production Update

September 09, 2015

Hello GrowlerWerks-ers!  We hope you all had a great Labor Day Weekend.

It’s been a bit longer than we expected since our last update, but we have some great news to share.

uKeg 64 Manufacturing Update

The reason you haven’t heard from us is because our trip to witness initial production was pushed back a couple of weeks due to some last minute issues. Evan ended up on site for two weeks, from August 13 through August 26, and after a lot of work, we can tell you the uKeg 64 is now officially in production!

Here are a few pictures from the first week of production, including the first uKegs off the line:

And here’s a video of the bottle line at work:

uKeg 64 Delivery

We are shipping by air freight enough uKeg 64’s to fulfill our first 200 Kickstarter backers right away.  Then we’ll be producing about 1,700 units per week and using standard shipping for those, which includes about 28 days to ship from China (including 10 days “on the water”).  So starting in October we’ll be receiving shipments every 2 weeks and shipping them out to our Kickstarter backers and pre-order customers. We’ll be sending individual emails to everyone receiving uKeg 64’s, letting you know what the target delivery date is.

uKeg 128 Manufacturing Update

We will be visiting the factory again in the next couple of weeks to inspect the uKeg 128 bottles, and will provide more complete information about the uKeg 128 delivery schedule then.  As we posted in our last update, the original schedule was delayed because a new, additional machine needed to be purchased and qualified to form the unique 1-gallon uKeg 128 bottle.  In addition, to reduce production risk, uKegs 128’s will not be produced in parallel with ukeg 64’s.  Instead, they’ll be produced after the initial batch of uKeg 64.

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The GrowlerWerks Team