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uKeg Tips and Production Update

October 16, 2015

Hello GrowlerWerks-ers,

We wanted to post a quick update to cover some how-to’s and give a short production update.

uKeg How To Use Video

We made a short How To Use video, and posted it to our YouTube channel, check it out:

This video is also posted to our FAQ page, along with a downloadable version of the instructions manual here:

Regulator Cap How to Use

Here are some additional instructions on how to use the regulator cap:

The current cap design has a safety feature to relieve pressure from the uKeg through the top and sides of the cap if needed. It also relieves pressure in the uKeg if the selector dial is in the OFF position. To get the best performance out of your Regulator Cap, please follow these suggestions:

1) Turn the regulator on to your desired pressure as soon as you put the cap on. This will disengage the relief and pressurize the bottle.

2) Don’t turn off the regulator while storing or transporting the uKeg (unless to remove the cap). This will not save CO2, but will actually vent the pressure inside and may draw beer up into the regulator.

3) Transport and store the uKeg upright when it’s full. If the uKeg is left on its side, beer may seep into the relief mechanism and cause the regulator to malfunction.

Removing the Tap Handle

Note the tap handle design on the uKeg isn’t a standard bar tap handle design, and it doesn’t unscrew directly from the post. Instead there is a small set screw in the back that holds it in place. The set screw uses a 1.5mm Allen key, and once you remove the set screw the handle should lift straight up off the post. You can use the same set screw to retain the Kickstarter backer handle.

uKeg 64 Production Update

The pace of uKeg 64 production is ramping up! Thus far we’ve delivered over 200 units via UPS and local pickup, and another shipment of 500 units shipped from our factory this week and is due here the first week of November. We also have a 2500 piece batch currently in production with an expected completion date of October 26.

uKeg 128 Production Update

We hit a big milestone in uKeg 128 production development this week. We’ve successfully deep drawn the uKeg 128 inner bottle form. This is the first step to getting a complete 1 gal bottle, and one of the challenges in sizing up from the 64 oz bottle. We’re continuing the uKeg 128 development work in parallel with uKeg 64 production, to ramp up to production of the uKeg 128, and it’s great to see this step completed.


The GrowlerWerks Team