uKeg Delivery Update & FAQ’s

January 10, 2016

Can you tell us when Kickstarter backers will be receiving uKegs and when?

Every couple weeks we will post the range of Kickstarter backer rewards that are being shipped out from our warehouse.

Below are the backer rewards that will have been packaged and shipped by the end of the week of January 11, 2016. The rewards that have been shipped pertain to only stainless steel uKeg 64’s.

  • Backers up to #1500: With uKeg 64 stainless steel reward
  • Backers who selected “pick-up” will be contacted by email 
  • Backers up to #1800: With “Reseller 12-Pack” 

We are shipping a small batch of uKegs to our local Laser Engraver to be tested this week. We also received a small batch of 10x uKeg 64 copper that were shipped to backers last week. We will have more information regarding copper in our next update.

The development of the uKeg 128 bottle is progressing well, with other components to follow, and we plan to start producing uKeg 128's after the uKeg 64's are produced.

Why is the delivery rate taking longer than planned from the fulfillment center? 

We are inspecting 100% of all uKeg 64’s received in our warehouse due to a couple of remaining quality issues that occurred at a higher-than-acceptable level on the initial batches we received. Our target for defects is less than 4% to ensure high quality on final material. The inspection process involves a complete functional test followed by cleaning and repackaging, so it's very time consuming. These issues have been resolved with our supplier on the future shipments. 

For more detail, here’s a video below with Brian showing the issues we had, that have been resolved. These were:

  • Gooseneck weld, potential pin hole leaks
  • Sight tube weld, weakness causing potential cracks
  • Issues with using the regulator cap or CO2 loss


If you have received a uKeg that had any problems, please email us at and we’ll correct it for you. 

What about Chinese New Year? 

Some backers have asked about the impact of Chinese New Year.  Like holidays in other countries, factories, material suppliers, shippers and dockworkers will close down for the holiday season.  In the case of Chinese New Year, this can cause a solid three week delay in development, production and shipments of both uKeg 64’s and uKeg 128’s. We are hoping to get the majority of uKeg 64 rewards on the water before the holiday, but we’re not the only manufacturers trying to beat the rush and we have been warned that unexpected backups can occur.  

Do you have additional needs or questions?  

A reminder we have set up separate emails to improve our customer service experience and better address specific issues. 

  • For Kickstarter Questions you can email: 
  • For Product Questions and Service email: 
  • For other inquiries email: