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uKeg 64 Delivery Update & uKeg 128 Status Report

January 25, 2016

Hello uKeg-ers! Latest updated here for you:

Can you tell us when Kickstarter backers will be receiving uKegs and when?

Every couple of weeks we will post the range of Backer rewards that are being shipped out from our warehouse.

Below are the backer rewards that will have been packaged and shipped by the end of the week of January 22, 2016. The rewards that have been shipped pertain only to stainless steel uKeg 64’s.

  • Backers up to #1800: With single uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards
  • Backers up to #1300 who selected pickup option. If you selected “pick-up” you will be contacted by email
  • Backers up to #1800: With “Reseller 12-Pack”
  • New>>> Backers up to #900 with uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards + other items

If all continues as planned, we hope to fulfill all backers who pledged for uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards by the end of February. This week we’ll be focusing on fulfilling backers who selected multiple rewards along with uKegs, such as gift packs, pro-packs and other items. These are fulfilled by us directly here in Portland.

What about copper-plated uKeg 64's?

The next container of uKeg 64s scheduled to ship will contain about 200 copper units. The remainder the copper units will arrive after Chinese New Year. If all goes as planned, we expect to fulfill all uKeg 64 copper rewards in April.

The idea for a copper-plated version originally came from one of our early backers.  So far we have shipped the first 10x copper uKeg 64's.  Backers who received these initial copper uKegs are enjoying them and say they look great!  This is great feedback since it took us a while to find the right copper plating supplier.

What about the uKeg 128?  Projected delivery is June/July

As stated previously, the initial build of uKeg 128’s is projected to start after the Chinese New Year, after all uKeg 64 rewards are produced. We previously targeted a delivery date of late spring, and we want to avoid over-promising.  Based on our latest information, if things continue to go well our new projected delivery date is June/July.

For those of us that don't have a problem keeping 64 oz of beer "fresh", we're all looking forward to the 128!  The uKeg 128 bottle development is progressing well. The neck form has been completed, and the next step is to qualify a completed vacuum bottle using both the inner and outer shells. We hoped to receive a completed uKeg 128 production sample in early February, before Chinese New Year, and we’re still hopeful, but that may come afterwards. All other components are the same, except for a slightly longer sight tube and sight guard, and a slightly wider handle. Once the completed uKeg 128 is approved, we’ll do a pilot production run of 200 units. Full production is planned for April and May, with rewards projected to arrive in June or July.  

My uKeg arrived and I need help or have a service-related issue. What should I do? 

Please be sure to visit the How-To-Use page on our website: . There you will find instructions for quick-start and cleaning, a short how-to-use video, and more information about using the regulator cap. 

As a reminder, the “VPR” regulator cap automatically maintains pressure, so you don’t need to turn off the selector dial, unless needed to remove the cap. Our automatic design keeps your beer fresh and carbonated just the way you like it, until the next time you’re ready to drink it.

We are working to ensure quality remains high. Some issues that have occurred on a small number of delivered uKegs:

  • Gooseneck weld, potential pin hole leaks
  • Sight tube weld, potential weakness causing cracks
  • Issues with using the regulator cap or CO2 loss

These issues have been resolved, however, if you have received a uKeg that has any problems, please email us at and we’ll help you.

Do you have additional needs or questions?

As a reminder we have set up separate emails to improve your customer service experience, response time, and better address specific issues.

  • For Kickstarter Questions you can email:
  • For Product Questions and Service email:
  • For other inquiries email: 


The GrowlerWerks Team