Delivery Update and uKeg 128's

February 09, 2016

Hello GrowlerWerks-ers, 

We hope everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl game and national holiday. Here is the latest update on delivery:

Can you tell us when Kickstarter backers will be receiving uKegs and when?

Every couple of weeks we'll post the range of Kickstarter rewards that are being shipped out from our warehouse. Below are the rewards that have been packaged and shipped by the end of the week as of February 5, 2016. These rewards that have been shipped pertain to only stainless steel uKeg 64’s.

  • Backers up to #1800: With single uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards
  • Backers up to #1300 who selected pickup option. If you selected “pick-up” you will be contacted by email
  • Backers up to #1800: With “Reseller 12-Pack”
  • Backers up to #900 with multiple uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards + other items, like carrying bags and boxes

As you can see, these numbers haven't changed from the last update. The good news, and the reason for this, is that we received a container full of uKeg 64 stainless at our warehouse in Seattle. We took time to complete an inspection and these uKegs will be shipping out over the next few weeks!

We plan to fulfill ALL backers who pledged for uKeg 64 stainless steel rewards up to backer #3,400 by the end of next week.  Backers will be receiving these rewards as fast as we can process the shipping labels, add-in the backer tap handles, CO2 and instructions, and move them from our warehouse into UPS trucks. If you selected “pick up” as an option, you will receive an email as floor space becomes available. If you have received an email for pickup, please stop by and grab your uKeg rewards!

What about the uKeg 128?

Great news: Last week we received the first production samples of uKeg 128’s, and they are looking good. We gave them a test drive and they are really fun to use. All the benefits of a uKeg 64 in 2x the size!

The purpose of Brian’s trip to China in December, right before Christmas, was to work on successfully completing the bottle forming. The next steps after that were to complete vacuum with the inner and outer bottles, and build-up using the new parts specific to the uKeg 128’s 1-gallon size. Our goal was to receive production samples before the start of Chinese New Year, so this is a great milestone that we’re staying on the new schedule.

Per our last update, we plan to visit the factories in March, and produce a pilot run of 200 units that we plan to ship via air in April. If those check out, then we’ll ramp up production with a goal of shipping a larger batch of 2,400 units from our factory in the month of May, begin delivering in June, and continue until everyone has been fulfilled.

As a reminder, the uKeg 128’s use the same VPR regulator cap, but with 16 gram CO2 cartridges (threadless, food-grade). These 16 gram cartridges are readily available here on our website, or on Amazon, and at some specialty kitchen stores.

I selected laser engraving as a reward. What is the status?

We also received our first batch of laser-engraved uKegs back from our local provider, Portland Laser Engraving. They look great and we'll be completing these and delivering to our backers as uKegs are received.

My uKeg arrived and I need help or have a service-related issue. What should I do?

Please be sure to visit our How-To-Use page here:

There you will find instructions for quick-start and cleaning, a short how-to video and more information about using the regulator cap. As a reminder, the VPR regulator cap automatically maintains pressure, so you don’t need to turn off the pressure until you remove the cap. Our automatic design keeps your beer fresh and carbonated just the way you like it, until the next time you’re ready to drink it.

We are working to ensure quality remains high. Some issues that have occurred on a small quantity of delivered rewards. These issues have been resolved, however, if you have received a uKeg that has any problems, please email us at and we’ll help you.

Do you have additional needs or questions? 

As a reminder we have set up separate emails to improve our customer service experience and better address specific issues.

  • For Kickstarter Questions you can email:
  • For Product Questions and Service email:
  • For other inquiries email:

Thank you,

The GrowlerWerks Team