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A Mule by Any Other Name

March 04, 2019

Last Sunday was National Moscow Mule Day, but we’re not ready to put away our copper cups just yet. These cocktails, with their perfect balance of spicy, tangy flavors, served up in a beautiful copper mug, are as delicious as they are stylish. It’s no surprise that they are consistently one of the most popular drinks in bars around the world. And not only is the drink itself worthy of praise, the story behind how the Moscow Mule came to be adds to the appeal. Check out this quick overview of the history from the Moscow Copper Company.

We’ve got to appreciate the ingenuity of the folks who came together to devise a cocktail that is now a mainstay in craft beverage culture. By extension, we’re also impressed by the various ways the mule has been enhanced or modified over the years—making it a drink that truly anyone can enjoy. 

For starters, you can mix up the alcohol used in the drink if the traditional vodka is not your favorite spirit. Swap in bourbon, and you have yourself a Kentucky Mule. Use gin, and it becomes a Gin Gin Mule. Tequila will give you a Mexican Mule. Beyond the alcohol switch, you can add to the recipe to give it a different feel. Jalapeños will create a Spicy Mule, while limoncello and fresh basil will create an Italian Mule. You can get more ideas from this list by Bevvy

You’ll also be impressed by how many combinations you can make just by adding some fruit flavors to the classic Moscow Mule recipe. From orange-cranberry to muddled blackberry, House Beautiful lists out twelve of their favorite variations

Whatever recipe strikes your fancy, be sure to serve it up in a copper vessel. There are some benefits beyond style points,  such as keeping your cocktail ice cold. If you really want to take things up a notch, though, we’d be remiss if we didn’t recommend making up a batch of mules in your copper uKeg 64 or uKeg 128. It’s the perfect beverage to make in volume, and it will stay carbonated and tasting fresh for up two weeks (not that we think they will last that long). 


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