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Hotel With IPA Hot Tub

March 03, 2017

While thumbing through our many social feeds we came across an article title that stood out among the rest as a must click through. 

Article via Travel + Leisure

This Beer Hotel Will Have an IPA-filled Hot Tub and a Mini-bar in the Shower

A contribution of $150 will get you a night's stay at this crowdfunded hotel.

Scottish beer company BrewDog launched an Indiegogo campaign today for what they’re calling the “world’s first crowdfunded craft beer hotel.”

The 50-room hotel, The DogHouse, will be attached to BrewDog’s upcoming brewery in Columbus, Ohio.

Since it's a hotel run by a beer company, it naturally comes with some over-the-top beer-themed amenities:

  • A tap in every room featuring Punk IPA, the brand’s flagship brew
  • A beer-stocked mini-bar in every shower, so you never have to go a second without a beer in hand
  • Access to limited-edition brews from the brewery next door
  • A spa that uses beer in its products and treatments, such as hop oils and a malted barley massage
  • Craft-beer pairings during breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • In the luxury suite, a hot tub filled with IPA (We don't recommend drinking this, not least because it'll be very warm beer.)

Surprisingly, a beer-themed hotel isn't the worst thing in the world for your health (though chugging beers all day might be). Beer's main ingredients are barley and hops, which are both high in Vitamin B and good for skin and hair.

“The original IPAs were brewed with hops to preserve the drink as it traveled, so it’s pretty safe to assume the same preservative qualities would apply to the skin,” James Watt, co-founder and CEO of BrewDog, told Travel + Leisure. “Malt and hops also smell awesome, so why wouldn’t you want to douse yourself in them?”




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