Brown Ales & Copper uKegs

February 06, 2017

Our friends over at BikePacker utilized our uKeg™ 64 Copper  to savor the flavor of their new favorite brown ale and we are definitely drooling over the thought of getting our lips on a pint of this tasty treat. Enjoy!

When I think of brown ales, Newcastle usually comes to mind.  I immediately assume that a brown is going to be overly sweet, have little to no hop aroma or bite, and have just enough dark malt additions to color the beer without giving it much roasted flavor.  Well let me tell you about a brown beyond my expectations that destroys these preconceptions. Founders Sumatra Mountain Brown is the pinnacle of brown ales and shows just how complex this style can be.

Not to state the obvious, but this imperial brown pours a deep, dark brown.  However, if you hold it to the light, you’ll see the orange of a setting sun shimmering.  The desert-khaki head is so pillowy you might assume the presence of nitrogen, but it’s just carbonation.  The aroma is heavy coffee with underlying scents of raisin, plum, and dark malts.

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