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Craft Cocktail: Eastside Mule

November 22, 2016

Just in time for your Thanksgiving celebration we bring you the Eastside Mule, which is a Moscow Mule made Portland style!

In collaboration with Eastside Distilling and Reed's Extra Ginger Beer, this party sized cocktail is guaranteed to stay fresh to the last drop in our uKeg 64 Copper.

Read Below To Learn The Detailed Process of making an Eastside Mule 


Eastside Mule - uKeg64 Copper Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Measure 20 ounces of Eastside Distilling Below Deck Ginger Rum, 40 ounces of Reed's Extra Ginger Beer & 4 ounces of lime juice
  2. Pour measurements in to uKeg 64 Copper
  3. Stir these ingredients for 30-40 seconds consecutively
  4. Charge the cap with CO2.  Using a 8-gram cartridge ensures you’ll have enough CO2 to carbonate and dispense.  Click Here To Purchase Your Box Of CO2
  5. Place the cap on the uKeg and turn the pressure up to 15 psi. Setting to this high pressure will keep the correct level of carbonation in the ginger brew and will ensure you taste that kick unique to a moscow mule.
  6. Grab a glass
  7. Drop in a few ice cubes from the freezer
  8. Pour, sip, repeat*
  9. You can adjust the dial to automatically maintain the perfect carbonation.

*Keep uKeg in refrigerator to ensure the fresh pours to the last drop. 




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