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Craft Cocktail: Red Brüt

December 29, 2016

The Red Brüt is a straight forward, bubbly combination designed to help you ring in the New Year or wrangle your midnight celebration hangover with a heavy amount of booze.

In collaboration with Wild Roots Vodka, this party sized cocktail is guaranteed to stay fresh to the last drop in our uKeg™ 128.

Read Below To Learn The Detailed Process of making an Red Brüt 


Red Brüt - uKeg 128 Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Pour entire bottle of Wild Roots Raspberry Infused Vodka & 3 Liters (4 - 750 ML bottles) Torre Oria Brut into uKeg™ 128
  2. Charge the cap with C02.  Using an 16-gram cartridge ensures you’ll have enough C02 to carbonate and dispense.  Click Here To Purchase Your Box Of C02
  3. Grab your flute
  4. Drop 3 raspberries and a leaf of mint in to flute (slap mint to charge flavor)
  5. Pour Red Brüt in to flute
  6. Garnish with lemon peel
  7. Enjoy


This combination is meant for those who enjoy the more tart side of life. The bite as strong as its bark and to sweeten that we suggest using a moscato, 5 tablespoon of honey, or both!




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