June 28, 2017

 Here at GrowlerWerks we love, live, and breathe Craft Life. So when something comes along that really grabs our attention, there's a good chance that it's worth checking out! 

Our friends at Fat Head's Brewery have successfully lured us in. For the past week they have been serving up a couple limited edition beers: the IBUsive and the Call Me Big Hoppa have been Tequila Barrel Aged! Yeah, you read that right; Tequila! But don't go grabbing your salt and lime so fast. These beers are deliciously flavorful and a unique treat for your taste buds.  For us, a deal like this really puts the "Happy" back into "Happy Hour".

Here's the catch: Today (6/28) is the last day they will be serving these delicious beers! So head down to Fat Head's Brewery located at 131 NW 13th Ave, Portland  and taste these unique craft beers before they're gone forever!

** make sure to get to their location before 2 P.M.**
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