March 21, 2018
In the recent spirit of St. Patty's Day and the development of our new  uKeg™ Infuser, we decided to grab a bottle of  Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition, some  COAVA coffee beans, and a uKeg of  "Dropping Science" IPA by  Coalition Brewing  to bring you the "Irish Jig".

Yes, you read that correctly! Create a whiskey/coffee infused IPA! So what are you waiting for? Use our new Infuser to perfect your craft and try a truly unique, eye-opening concoction!


Read below to learn details for making "IRISH JIG".


Irish Jig - uKeg 128 Step-By-Step Instructions:

    1. Pour 5 oz of Jameson Caskmates IPA Edition whiskey into an empty glass 
    2. Remove top of uKeg™ Infuser and fill to top with Coava Coffee beans
    3. Cap the uKeg™ Infuser
    4. Place Infuser directly into the glass of Jameson IPA Edition
    5. Let sit for 24 hours
    6. Fill uKeg™   128 with Coalition IPA 
    7. Charge the cap using a 16-gram cartridge. This ensures you’ll have enough CO2 to keep it carbonated!  Click Here To Purchase Your Box Of CO2
    8. Remove Infuser from Jameson IPA Edition
    9. Attach Infuser to Cap Sleeve
    10. Cap your uKeg™ with Infuser still attached
    11. Set your pressure gauge to 10 PSI
    12. Let Sit for 24 Hours
    13. Grab your glass
    14. Pour, Savor, Share!


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