Friday Fill: No. 4 - GrowlerWerks

Friday Fill: No. 4

March 10, 2017

Technically this is a "Monday Fill Deal", but you'll still love it!

That's right, after you have had a weekend full of good times with great friends and maybe you could use a couple cold ones to shake off the notorious weekend blues, McMenamins 23rd Ave Bottle Shop has you covered.

So dust off that uKeg and head down to NW 23rd for the deal of the week!


Bring a 2-quart growler to get a fill of the Monday special.
Price varies depending on type:
  • Regular Beers $8.00
  • High Gravity Ales $10

Don't Live Near NW 23rd?

Click Here To See All McMenamin's Locations To Get This Deal


Savor Your Favorite Beer The Right Way



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