Friday Fill: No. 5

March 24, 2017

Buy One Get One Growler Fill Free!

It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That!

Just in case one 64oz growler doesn't fulfill your beer drinking needs, The Taproom at Portland Brewing will fill a SECOND growler for the low, low price of On the house. It's all part of their "Fill'r Up Friday" deal which means all you have to do is head over to   2730 NW 31st Ave, Portland, OR 97210 and let your weekend begin!

So grab your uKeg, and then grab another, and hit the Taproom! This truly is the deal of the week!
Get a 64oz Growler filled, receive a second fill for FREE.
*Limit 2 free 640z fills per person * Some specialty beers excluded* 


Savor Your Favorite Beer The Right Way



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