May 25, 2018


Every brewery has a story: how they started, where they started, and most importantly, why they started. The story at 10 Mile Brewing Company caught our attention and so did their beer. 

Nine years ago, father and son duo, Dan and Jesse, began homebrewing in their garage in southern California. And although this seems like a regular father-son story, it is unique in that the brewing of beer actually changed the entire dynamic of their previously tumultuous relationship. Beer brought the two together and allowed them to form a new relationship and a new business venture: 10 Mile Brewing Company. 

Now 10 Mile Brewing Company is fully family owned and everyone gets to chip in to keep it that way. It's stories like this that inspire us as Father's Day approaches and we tip our hats to the ones who show us how it's done! 

Share your #uKegDad with us on Facebook or Instagram for your chance to win a uKeg Gift Pack! But don't wait to see if you won. Head over to 10 Mile Brewing Company to share a pint with this family and create lasting memories of your own. 

 How Do I Get There?

10 Mile Brewing Company is located at 1136 E Willow St, Signal Hill, CA 90755