FRIDAY FILLS: No. 11 - GrowlerWerks


May 04, 2017

Professor Boozy

If you thought a $10 dollar growler fill was a good deal once a week, try having that deal every day! Our good friends at Coalition Brewing will happily fill your uKeg for just $10 dollars, EVERY DAY. That's the deal of a lifetime AND just in case that wasn't enough, they have some of the best beer in the Portland area including their "Two Flowers" CBD West Coast IPA.

When Can I Get This Fresh Deal!?!

Join us this Saturday (May 6th, 2017) for the grand re-opening of their tasting room at 2705 SE Ankeny St where we will be celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the  Beastie Boys "Check Your Head" album release and their 5-year induction to the Hall of Fame!
For More Info & To RSVP - CLICK HERE
$10 Dollar Growler Fills EVERY DAY.
** Look out for more collaborations with this Brewery throughout the year! ** 




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