April 20, 2018

DISCLAIMER: GrowlerWerks does not condone the consumption of any illegal substances, but if you live in a state that has legalized the recreational use of cannabis, this post might be for you.


Here's a fun fact: There are approximately 1,200 types of beer in Portland and close to 95% of those beers are only available on draft. That's only Portland... Just think about all those flavors we are missing out on in other locales. If I wasn't writing this a 7 AM then I would be drinking a beer after that statement. 

Coalition Brewing is a contributor to those 1,200 types of brew with one of the most exclusive flavors in town. Their Two Flowers CBD IPA is a true work of art. While many ales are going hazy, Two Flowers holds true to a well-filtered and crisp refreshment. 

Their use of CBD beer should not alarm you and if you would like to learn more about what Cannabidiol is all about. Then we suggest you check out East Fork Cultivars website.

Not interested such specific chemistry? They have a very expansive tap list and they even bottle such things as their King Kitty Red Ale, a Northwest take on a typically malt forward style. See their full tap list here.

Coalition's CBD Beer Fest Presented by: GrowlerWerks 


Coalition is proud to bring the world's first CBD Beer Fest on this 4/20 presented by GrowlerWerks.

We will have several CBD Beers on tap as well as a first look at our beer project "Ensemble" highlighting OG Kush terpenes in this brew in partnership with True Terpenes!

A special toast at 4:20 PM with prizes.

For More Info & To RSVP - CLICK HERE

Join us today (April 20, 2018) for the First Annual CBD Beer Fest. Coalition is located at:2705 SE Ankeny St

** Look out for more collaborations with this Brewery throughout the year! **