March 09, 2018


To understand Culmination Brewing, you have to first understand the meaning of the word itself. Defining the word "culmination" is simple and with a beer like their Elation Double IPA, your tastebuds understand immediately. It is the highest or most climactic point of something. The pinnacle, the climax... The best part. Culmination's beer backs the notion up wholeheartedly. 

With sustainability in mind, Culmination strives to build a community around good food, great people and amazing beer. When you walk into their North East Portland location you can feel that in the air and you get that sense that you're in for a real treat.  

Culmination Brewery is a comfortable environment with a fun staff and world-class brewing equipment. That trifecta makes for an unbeatable place to spend your weekend afternoon or your after-work happy hour. 

And let's not forget the best part, they fill uKegs! So grab yours and head over to Culmination where the beer is so good that you'll make sure to savor every last drop! 


How Do I Get There?

Culmination Brewing is located at 2117 NE Oregon St, Portland, OR 97232