FRIDAY FILLS: NO. 61 - GrowlerWerks


May 11, 2018


You know that old saying "stick to what you know best"?  Well, our friends at Gigantic Brewing Company have certainly taken that to heart. And what they do best is produce exciting, flavorful, seasonal beers that are often times not made more than one time. That's something we here at GrowlerWerks can certainly get behind! 

Gigantic Brewing Company is not only a landmark in the Portland beer community but it is also the top beer pick of our Resident Beer Mom, Ashley Rose of Brewvana. To be honest, Ashley knows beer better than almost everyone we've ever met so if she says Gigantic makes some of the best beer in town, then we will definitely take note. 

The team at Gigantic holds themselves to a very simple principle -- Never give an inch. With the idea of starting small and (intentionally) staying small, it allows for Gigantic Brewing Company to focus on creating exceptional beers instead of just a high volume of beer. 

So grab your uKeg and get over to Gigantic Brewing Company to see what's on tap! It's the best way to take home one of a kind beers that will never be bottled, canned, or reproduced ever again! 

 How Do I Get There?

Gigantic Brewing Company is located at 5224 SE 26th Ave, Portland, OR 97202