October 20, 2017


As we all know by now, the uKeg is designed to keep your beer fresh anytime, anywhere. And that's always convenient when you find yourself in a mountain town such as Glenwood Springs, Colorado where our good friends at Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co decided to add some flavor to that rocky mountain water. 

Glenwood Canyon Brewing is located on a quiet street with views of the quaint train station across the street and the surrounding mountains. But don't let the small town vibes fool you; their beers are better than most and there is plenty to explore once your uKeg is filled!

The town is known for its natural hot-springs which (obviously) had our attention. Nothing says relaxation, in our opinion, like a nice cold beer while bathing in some hot, natural, earth water. Not feeling like relaxing? That's okay too! The town of Glenwood Springs also happens to be sitting in the shadow of a mountaintop theme park that overlooks the Colorado River! 

So what are you waiting for!? Go off the beaten path for good times, great views, and even better beer! 

How Do I Get There?

Glenwood Canyon Brewing Co. is located at 402 7th St, Glenwood Springs, CO 81601 




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