FRIDAY FILLS: NO. 42 - GrowlerWerks


December 29, 2017


As beer enthusiasts, we always love to find people in the industry that are pushing innovation and Ground Breaker Brewing is at the forefront of one particular thing: gluten-free beer. 

Their beers will never use any barley, wheat, or rye and will never see any corn-derived sugars or coloring agents. This is the best that gluten-free beer gets! Ground Breaker also takes pride in using strictly local ingredients. In fact, their ingredients are so local that they call the supplier of one of their main ingredients (chestnuts) by name: Randy. 

And it doesn't stop there! Because all of the effort and energy they put into never using any ingredients that aren't gluten-free or local in their beer transfers over to their food menu as well! Everything from cornbread, to pizza, to a serious array of sandwich options are available! (vegan options also available)

But what's our favorite thing about Ground Breaker Brewing? They fill growlers! So grab your uKeg and head over to SE Portland so you can take home something that is genuinely unique to the beer world! 

How Do I Get There?

Ground Breaker Brewing is located at 2030 SE 7th Ave, Portland, OR 97214 




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