June 08, 2018


Let's just be honest with ourselves: we LOVE beer! That's why it's always a great feeling when you stumble across a place as perfectly curated as Uptown Market

Located just a few minutes outside of downtown Portland, in Beaverton, Uptown Market boasts the largest selection of craft beer in the entire Portland Metro Area. That says a lot considering the extensive selection in Beervana. 

With a newly renovated pub, a hard-to-beat food menu, and outdoor seating to soak in some rays, Uptown Market has it all! They offer thousands (yeah, we said thousands) of beers in cans and bottles but our favorite part is that they have 36 Beers on tap. That's a lot of uKegs to fill! 

As if all of this didn't boost Uptown Market's beer legitimacy, they also have a Brewery and they serve their own beers on tap too! Pro Tip: Save money on a growler fill by getting it filled with a brew from Uptown Brewing.

So grab a uKeg and head out to this unique and extraordinary location to get a real taste of the craft beer world.

How Do I Get There?

Uptown Market is located at 6620 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Portland, OR 97223