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uTAILGATE: Football's #1 Draft Of Craft

January 16, 2018


With the NFL playoffs coming to an end, talk of the SuperBowl is in the air! We're here to make sure that your beer is fresh, cold, and carbonated no matter how you plan to watch the final showdown! 

Whether you're tailgating at the stadium or "home-gating" in the comfort of your living room, the uKeg will make sure that you can share a perfect pour with all of your friends and family all. game. long

We all know that nothing pairs better with your game-time snacks than fresh beer. So grab your uKeg and head to your favorite local brewery to make sure that your SuperBowl celebration goes down as smooth as your last pint. 

Remember: There's no "I" in "uKeg" so don't be greedy! Even if that means passing a cold one to the fans rooting for the rival team... 






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