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GW Does Beer Bloggers & Writers Convention

August 11, 2017

The GrowlerWerks uKeg Has An Old-Meets-New Weekend 



On August 7, the Brewers Association Tweeted that “there were 1,511 breweries in the U.S. in 2007, today we’re at 5,562!”

Growth in the craft beer scene is excellent for beer lovers, interesting for industry analysts and encouraging for the uKeg, which houses craft beer and allows better off-premise drinking experiences by keeping beer fresh, cold and carbonated like the brewer intended it. There’s good news for all those breweries, too. Beer remains the alcoholic beverage of choice among Americans who imbibe alcohol,” according to Gallup’s 2016 Consumption Habits survey. “While 43% of Americans who drink alcohol say they prefer beer, 32% say wine and 20% say liquor,” Gallup found.  

The association shared these and other statistics last weekend at a Beer Bloggers & Writers Convention in Milwaukee, a city hopping with rich beer history. From the historic Pabst Brewery and Miller beer caves to newer favorites, such as Lakefront, Good City and Brenner Brewing, the uKeg was swimming in what used to be known as the beer capital of the world. Ahhh. We wish Milwaukee had access to uKegs back in the 1800s; uKegs are helpful in every beer-centric city, and Milwaukee has been one for a really long time.

The town is a definite mecca for beer lovers; a marriage between the old and new worlds of beer was on full display. It definitely reminded GrowlerWerks to be thankful for all the beer history that came before it and excited about being part of the solution for all breweries looking to be their customers’ first pick for beverages both on and off premises.

Getting brewers’ creations home -- or out in the great outdoors -- with customers who love their beer is what we do best!



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