December 14, 2016

GrowlerWerks is a company that defines the spirit of travel as we have invented the ultimate travel companion. The uKeg was designed with the core idea to savor your beer, sparkling wine, kombucha, cider, or any other carbonated beverage you enjoy, to the last drop and share it with friends wherever you escape to.

In an effort to promote the wanderlust nature of our uKeg, we have partnered with Jrrny Travel to bring you our addition the GrowlerWerks Blog called: Hump Day Getaway. 

Brooklyn, New York City, NY for a Game of Pool & a Good Beer at Superfine

Nothing beats autumn in New York. The windchill sort of rips the skin off your bones at night, but other than that, I’m a superfan. One of my favorite spots to warm up with a good beer and great company is Superfine in Brooklyn. Although large, it’s pretty unassuming. Very simple – a couple of pool tables, a bar, and seating everywhere.

I love to visit in October, because they start decorating for Halloween at the beginning of the month, and these guys go all out. Weird haunted portraits on the walls (outside and in) webs everywhere, even a giant spider hanging from the middle of the ceiling make this Dumbo bar a festive choice. The zany decor is a pretty good summation of the devil-may-care attitudes of the staff. Friendly, but not overly attentive, and knowledgeable about their menus (which change seasonally so that they’re sure to get the freshest ingredients, by the way).

The food is stellar. The people are great. The neighborhood is one of the best. Sign me up!

(Article Via Jrrny - Share Your Journey Contributor jennyfromtheblock)