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April 19, 2017

GrowlerWerks is a company that defines the spirit of travel as we have invented the ultimate travel companion. The uKeg was designed with the core idea to savor your beer, sparkling wine, kombucha, cider, or any other carbonated beverage you enjoy, to the last drop and share it with friends wherever you escape to.

In an effort to promote the wanderlust nature of our uKeg, we have partnered with Jrrny Travel to bring you our addition the GrowlerWerks Blog called: Hump Day Getaway. 

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DISCLAIMER: GrowlerWerks Does NOT Condone Driving Under The Influence. There was absolutely zero operation of any vehicle while inebriated nor was anyone under the influence while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Painted Hills. Cheers!

Being relatively new to the Portland area, I had never explored much outside of the city. I had gone to the coast a handful of times and had obviously explored the gorge as well but never anything more than an hour and change away. With this in mind, and the weather starting to feel more like spring than winter (finally), my friends suggested a camping trip to Painted Hills. I was immediately onboard!

We met up around 6:30 AM on a Saturday and loaded our gear into two cars. There were Nine of us total so two cars were necessary. Our plan was to go “car camping” so we didn’t hold back on bringing anything! We packed tents, tarps, a camp stove, coolers, food etc… Needless to say, it wasn’t exactly a “light” load but, with all of our comforts and amenities, we hit the road.

The drive took around 5 hours to complete. We hit every type of weather along the way including rain, fog, heavy snow (in Mt. Hood), intense wind, and eventually sunshine! Nevertheless, it was an amazing drive. The views were gorgeous the entire way. The majority of the area is considered High-Desert which is something I personally had never seen before so I was excited about the landscapes.




Start Your Next Adventure The Right Way


Photos & Words By: Chris Krieb


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