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Hump Day Getaway #3

December 07, 2016

GrowlerWerks is a company that defines the spirit of travel as we have invented the ultimate travel companion. The uKeg was designed with the core idea to savor your beer, sparkling wine, kombucha, cider, or any other carbonated beverage you enjoy, to the last drop and share it with friends wherever you escape to.

In an effort to promote the wanderlust nature of our uKeg, we have partnered with Jrrny Travel to bring you our addition the GrowlerWerks Blog called: Hump Day Getaway. 

Seattle, WA For Winter Beer Fest

I’m not the one you want to call if you need to ask technical questions about beer. If I’m going to drink it, I’m perfectly happy with a $3 Rainier, thanks. HOWEVER, when it comes to the winter months, I do tend to get a hankering for those cheery holiday ales and dark, stormy porters. Around Christmas time, I’m an overgrown toddler. I absolutely love it, and I’m constantly on the hunt for new activities to boost the holiday spirit. To that end, I ventured into Seattle’s Winter Beer Fest last year, and even for an uneducated attendee like me, it was still really interesting and fun.

Bonus points: the event is put on by the Washington Brewers Guild, and all proceeds benefit local brewers!

I purchased tickets in advance ($30), which not only provided my admission, but also a tasting glass and ten 4-oz tastes! I went with a couple of friends and we were feeling pretty silly by the end. There were food trucks speckled about, so we got some grub and took a little walk in the park. Perfect way to kick off the Christmas season.

Insider Tip

They offer special $5 admission at the door for designated drivers. Don’t drink and drive!

(Article Via Jrrny - Share Your Journey Contributor alamedaforreal)


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