National Beer Day!

April 07, 2017

It's National Beer Day! 

It should come as no surprise that the team here at Growler Werks are big beer drinkers. With that being said, it should also come as no surprise that we are extremely excited to celebrate the holiday our uKeg was built for: National Beer Day! In honor of this amazing celebration, we decided to let you in on all of our favorite places to drink beer and have our growlers filled! So grab your uKeg and enjoy this beautiful holiday we all love so much, at some of our favorite places! 


A brewpub born of social conscience and nestled cozily on Southeast Portland’s ‘Brewers Row,’ Grixsen is lauded by its founders as the culmination of honest effort and celebration of uniqueness. We can also add tireless collaboration to this list, since its very name is a creative combination of each founder’s surname (Kurt Gritman, Dennis Moxley and Scott Petersen). Their brews are squarely in keeping with their philosophy – authentic and unique. Grixsen regularly observes the offerings of its neighbours and is careful to provide something different for its own patrons. We’re impressed not only by the beer of Grixsen, but also the heart. Their motto is warm, simple, and unexclusive – “good beer for great people.”


If you don’t live under a rock, chances are you’re familiar with this one. If you have lived under a rock until now, we’re honoured to introduce you. Just a couple of guys who love beer and hated working for the Man, the Widmer bros have been innovating with hops since home brewing was legalized in Oregon in 1979. Since the opening of their pilot brewery in 1984, they’ve become the first to offer a special beer for all four seasons (1986), helped establish the Oregon Brewer’s Festival (1988), opened their permanent North Portland location (1990), started bottling their beer (1996), invented a revolutionary collaborator project (1998), and have racked up a plethora of awards. Just living the dream!


As a family and employee-owned brewery, Deschutes believes every pint of beer worth brewing is worth sharing—with friends, family, and even the stranger you just met on the barstool next to you. And every Deschutes Brewery pint shared has a healthy dose of community, experimentation, and ingenuity.  It’s crafted with plenty of balance and drinkability and invested with quality and consistency.


Hair of the Dog is dedicated to providing the beer lover with new and unusual beer styles. Several of our beers are bottle-conditioned or refermented in the bottle resulting in beers which improve with age. Our uKeg is perfect for keeping these unique beers fresh for weeks!


EastBurn boasts two floors of dining and entertainment with two full bars, 19 rotating taps, and a patio with swing chairs and fire tables. Weekends feature live music on the main floor along with rotating DJ's in the downstairs Tap Room. From fantastic brunch and dinner, to drinks on the patio, to live music, to a game of skee-ball in the Tap Room.. EastBurn has something for everyone!


Celebrate This Holiday The Right Way