National Repeal Deal & uKeg Fill Laws

December 05, 2016

In honor of National Repeal Day, where on December 5, 1933 the 21st Amendment was ratified and prohibition repealed, we partnered with DRAFT Magazine to kick off carbonated Christmas cheers by offering 20% off our entire site! 

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Okay, but where do I get my uKeg Filled?


Even though prohibition was ended in 1933 the entire microbrewery experience that has become such a staple part of the beer lover's lifestyle was not a possibility until 1989. 

Nowadays we have the privilege of visiting microbreweries across the United States to enjoy a selection of locally crafted beers paired with a hearty meal. Afterward if you end up filling your growler and taking one of those beers home, you need to thank a small collection of Oregon brewers who decided to stand up to the legal system that was protecting the profits of large distribution brewers.

“There wasn’t much of an industry before 1985,” remembers Kurt Widmer, cofounder of Widmer Brothers Brewing. “We had to do our own distribution out of our dad’s 1970 pickup truck.” (Quote Sourced From Portland Monthly)

The fact that this movement began in Oregon further explains the fact that the Northwest has become the epicenter of craft beer with Portland and Seattle making up a wet, beer lovers paradise. We proved that in our last post City Suds: 10 Breweries You Can't Miss In Portland & Seattle.


The microbrewery buzz has grown on a national level and you can get your growler filled anywhere now. See what the law says in your state, visit Brewers Association: Growler Laws Database