Resident Mother: 5 Beers For Mum

May 04, 2017

With Mother's Day fast approaching, we handed the pen to our resident mother and fellow friend in craft, Elizabeth Hovde, to give us some proper insight on what moms might prefer to sip on.

Trap Door Brewing in Vancouver, Wash., makes a refreshing Pale Ale named Zest Fest. It's a party in there! Trap Door says Zest fest is crafted with over 110 lbs. of hand-zested grapefruit. That's effort a mom can truly appreciate.


Saisons are a new favorite for this mom. Sayonara Sean, a collaboration between two breweries in Clark County, Amnesia Brewing and Oly Ivy Brewery & Taproom, is not too sweet and has a satisfying amount of crisp. It might be time to try it, given the Portland area’s gorgeous weather.


Nut Crusher Peanut Butter Porter by Wild Ride Brewing Co. in Redmond, Ore., lives up to high expectations. Peanut butter and beer? Yes, please. These favorite worlds collide in the best way possible and in perfect balance. It offers nutty, chocolatey, creamy goodness. This mom will take it over a box of candy any day!


Back to Trap Door, Uptown Brown is the winning recipe of the brewery’s inaugural Village Home Brew Challenge. It’s a malt-driven Brown Ale full of toffee and coffee flavors that warm the soul. Mmmmom approved.


Breakside Stout, by Portland’s Breakside Brewery: Breakside’s website boasts, “We use a mix of four different specialty malts to hit all the key notes that you've come to expect from a beer this dark and inky.” It’s rich and smoky smooth, pouring dark brown and beautiful. You had this stout-loving mom at “dark and inky.”


Treat Mom With Some Fresh Cheers




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