Best Nitro: GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker

July 28, 2021

...Nitro is essentially cold brew coffee infused with nitrogen gas for a rich, round, velvety mouthfeel—ordering a cup of this at your local café will generally run you a bit more than a standard order as the process is somewhat complicated. The fact that GrowlerWerks has created a nitro setup for home brewers is no small feat, and any aficionado is bound to have a field day with it. With a 50-ounce capacity, a patented pressurized system, double filtration, and double-walled vacuum insulation, this black chrome stainless steel and brass keg keeps your coffee fresh for weeks. It also includes a serving mat, four filter bags, two nitro gas chargers, and a funnel.

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