uKeg GO Named 'Best In Class'

June 15, 2022

Along with keeping brews cold for eight hours, GrowlerWorks’ uKeg Go, which comes in both half- and full-gallon options, dispenses beer from a tap. Both sizes utilize a CO2 cartridge to maintain optimal bubbles depending on your beer style. There are even low and high carbonation settings. For convenience and peace of mind, the tap has three positions: locked, unlocked and pour. Both half- and full-gallon sizes are available in bundles that include two uKegs, plus an insulated tote to carry them in.

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10 Totally Awesome, Esquire-Endorsed Father's Day Gift Ideas

June 10, 2022
If dad's a beer guy—and chances are he is—he'll want to take a good brew with him everywhere. That's just his lifestyle, so don't try to change that. Instead, gift him this portable beer growler that quite simply works magic. It'll keep his choice of suds cold, crisp, and bubbly from the first to the last sip. He can easily pour from the tap at home, or take it to the campsite and do it there. It's made to last, and made to make his ale or malt last.
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Vetted: 25 Gifts For Friends That Show How Much You Really Know Them

December 14, 2021
Here’s a fun option for your beer nerd friend (who probably wouldn’t like the fancy six-pack you pick out anyways): A sleek double-walled, vacuum-insulated, powder-coated stainless steel growler that will keep her favorite micro brew crisp to the last drop.
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The 9 Best Beer Growlers to Keep Your Brews Cold, Fresh, and Carbonated

December 01, 2021

uKeg GO named Best Overall Beer Growler

uKeg PRO (original) named Best Beer Growler For Countertops

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"The perfect portable Father’s Day gift for beverage connoisseurs"

June 10, 2021
This unique Father’s Day gift is more than just a steampunk Thermos. The GrowlerWerks uKeg lets your dad bring his favorite carbonated beverage (beer, cider or soda) anywhere and it will stay frothy and cold in this 64-ounce personal keg. Whether your dad makes his own beer or is just a craft-beer enthusiast, he can use this pressurized tank to keep and carry his most beloved of liquids. Give your dad the best Father’s Day gift he didn’t even know he needed.
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40 Father's Day Gift Ideas to Make Any Dad Feel Good

May 26, 2021
Father's Day is June 20th, which means the clock's ticking. Especially since good Father's Day gift ideas are harder to come by than anyone cares to admit. Too many dads refuse to just say what they want. Other dads get everything they want for themselves. But we've been at this “finding gifts for men” thing for a minute, while also testing products day-in and day-out. In the process, we've turned up 40 gifts for fathers of all types, sizes, and vibes—and we're certain that something in here will have you covered, whether you're shopping for you own dad, your husband, your partner, or…yourself.
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Hold My Beer: These Are the Best Growlers on Amazon Right Now

September 03, 2020
There’s nothing worse than cracking open a cold one only to find that, guess what, it’s not cold anymore. That’s where insulated beer growlers come in. Traditional beer growlers come in amber glass and are used to transport beer from brewers or to be sold by bars to consumers, but the kind we’re talking about are made from vacuum-insulated stainless steel. These insulated growlers keep your beer cold and carbonated for longer...We’ve rounded up some of our favorite growlers on the market that will meet your beer and drink transporting needs.
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This Insulated Growler Keg Lets You Pour Carbonated Beer, Soda, and Cocktails on the Go

July 09, 2020
The biggest hurdle for taking draft beer on the go is keeping it cold and carbonated once you leave the brewery. And while insulated travel growlers help keep drinks fresh for longer, traditional glass growlers start losing carbonation once they're opened. Portland-based GrowlerWerks combats the scourge of flat ales with a line of growler kegs featuring built-in tap handles that mimic a brewery-fresh pour.
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The Tools, Gadgets, and Supplies That Will Upgrade Any Backyard

June 15, 2020
The past few months have taught us all to appreciate personal space. If you’re lucky enough to have a little outdoor space of your own, here’s our guide to the tools, gadgets, clothes, and occasional splurges to make the most of your backyard this summer.
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21 Father’s Day gifts for your rad dad

June 08, 2020
Father’s Day is almost here and this is definitely not the year to wait until the last minute to find a gift. Whether you’re seeing your dad in person, or virtually, show some extra love with a gift that really speaks to his interests, not just something that he needs. If you’re stumped trying to find a truly great present for your dad, we’ve got you covered.
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This Portable Growler Brings Carbonated Drinks On The Go

April 19, 2020
GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Portable Growler works for any carbonated beverage. Take your carbonated drinks with you wherever you go using the GrowlerWerks uKeg Go Portable Growler. Unlike typical growlers, this one holds more than beer. Sure, this carbonated growler is great for beer, but it also holds soda, kombucha, cocktails, and cider. Rating: 4.8 / 5
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Camper-Friendly Beverage Keg

April 19, 2020
The GrowlerWerks uKeg Go is a portable beverage container for those who are looking to bring their favorite effervescent drink with them wherever they go. The keg features a 64 ounce capacity that's perfect for beer, kombucha, soda, ciders, cocktails and more to make it ideal for use when camping or simply heading out for a picnic. Rating: 9.2 / 10
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