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3 reasons why Portland should be called Sud City

July 20, 2015
Finally, leave it to a Portland company to invent a pressurized, insulated growler (right)—it’s almost like carrying your own tap. A  Kickstarter project, the uKeg is supposed to be ready this month. (Even if it’s not, you won’t go thirsty.)
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23 reasons Portland is still the world's best beer city

November 19, 2014
Speaking of growlers (large, re-fillable bottles that allow you to take large amounts of freshly tapped beer to go), the Portland-designed, Steampunk-styled uKeg keeps beer cold and carbonated and people love the idea: Growlerwerks LLC hoped to raise $75,000 in its Kickstarter campaign and so far nearly 5,000 people have donated $665,000 -- with about three weeks to go.
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Keg + Growler = Fresh Beer Anywhere

October 24, 2014
It's a growler! It's a keg! It's both?! Double Dukes! Making its rounds on Kickstarter and absolutely crushing its goal, the uKeg is a revolutionary way to keep your beer fresh, carbonated, and ice-cold anywhere you go.
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uKeg Pressurized Growler

October 19, 2014

Stuff like the uKeg, a portable pressurized growler for tap-fresh beer on demand, always comes from Oregon. Those dudes love their microbrews. And they're mad scientific geniuses about flooding the industry with tasty craft products and accessory innovations. 

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PDX Ingenuity Means No More Flat Beer

October 15, 2014
With growler refill stations at almost every pub, restaurant and corner store, the selection of beers you can take home has never been better. There's just one problem: The beer quickly goes flat and stale. 
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GrowlerWerks: A New Type of Growler

October 14, 2014
Shawn Huff met Chris Maier in 2006, while in their masters programs at the University of Washington, working on a fuel cell project together for a business plan competition which they eventually won.   After graduation, they remained in touch and in August 2013 Shawn called up Chris to have a beer at Burnside Brewing.  Shawn offered to buy Chris a growler and he declined, explaining that it would go bad after he had the first beer at home.  Shawn replied “That’s the point. Let’s build a better growler,” and GrowlerWerks was born. 
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uKeg Pressurized Growler

October 01, 2014
In recent years, the growler has seen a rise in popularity thanks to its ability to allow you to bring fresh draft beer home. But it won't stay fresh for long, and taking down 64oz or more of beer in one sitting might not be a great idea.
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It's worth the time to research and find local products

September 06, 2014
I was "shocked" to learn my two favorite, store-housed, go-to beers were produced by the big guys in the beer industry. It made me "blue." That revelation isn't news to a lot of consumers, especially in this beer destination. 
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