How to Use the Regulator Cap

Regulator Cap

Here are some additional instructions on how to use the regulator cap:

The current cap design has a safety feature to relieve pressure from the uKeg through the top and sides of the cap if needed. It also relieves pressure in the uKeg if the selector dial is in the OFF position. To get the best performance out of your Regulator Cap, please follow these suggestions:

  1. Turn the regulator on to your desired pressure as soon as you put the cap on. This will disengage the relief and pressurize the bottle.
  2. Don't turn off the regulator while storing or transporting the uKeg (unless to remove the cap). This will not save CO2, but will actually vent the pressure inside and may draw beer up into the regulator.
  3. Transport and store the uKeg upright when it's full. If the uKeg is left on its side, beer may seep into the relief mechanism and cause the regulator to malfunction.

If beer happens to seep in through the relief mechanism, you may see it dripping from the sides of the cap. Don't worry, your cap is not broken. But if the beer dries in the regulator, you may find that it leaks CO2 constantly or won't pressurize the uKeg. You'll need to clean your cap, which is an easy and safe job that can be done in about 5 minutes.


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