Nitro Helpful Tips

Inspect Periodically
  • Make sure retaining tabs are fully pushed out and seated properly.
  • Cap O-ring should be tight and smooth.
  • Make sure O-ring is installed as shown and free of damage.
  • Pressure off is counterclockwise.
Helpful Tips

Replace nitro gas cartridge after every use. Any remaining gas can be used to flush your uKeg with clean water.

  • Long term storage of your uKeg with a cartridge installed will reduce cartridge seal life. Remove cartridges promptly after discharge.
  • The cartridge seal is designed to be resilient, but may be damaged from overtightening or sharp cartridges. Your uKeg came with 1 extra cartridge seal.
  • The cap o-ring is designed to be resilient, but may become damaged or loose from over-tightening.

OPTIONAL: Applying a light coat of silicone grease to o-rings will extend their lifetime.


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