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Based in Portland, Oregon, a city focused on craft beer innovation, GrowlerWerks developed the uKeg™ Pressurized Growler, a product designed to savor your craft beer the way the brewer intended. 

From the original inception to our brand launching, we have been "burning midnight oil" to bring the you the world’s greatest growler. Our current success has not come without setbacks and thoughts of failure. However, we continue to push forward and bear through any storm while remaining dedicate to our Kickstarter Backers and customers who brought the uKeg to life with eager support.

In most recent developments, we had a creative agency come to our warehouse that we have lovingly named the "GrowlerWerks Labratory" and pick our brains about our story. From humble beginnings in our founders basement to becoming the new standard companies like Widmer Brothers and Grixsen Brewing Company use to measure all competing growlers against, 

Shawn Huff
GrowlerWerks, CEO
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