Commemorative uKeg Nitro VIP Notice & Magnet

Do you love the potential of the uKeg Nitro and want to show your early support for bringing it to life on Kickstarter? If so, this simple $1 purchase will make a big difference! For just $1, you'll send us a clear message that you're excited for the launch, and we'll send you the following (with free shipping):

  1. Early notice of the date and time the uKeg Nitro will be launched on Kickstarter (so you can secure the absolute best pricing)
  2. A commemorative uKeg Nitro refrigerator magnet


This purchase does not represent a binding agreement or promise to back the project on Kickstarter when it launches. Nor does it guarantee access to Super Early Bird or Early Bird pricing. But it is a meaningful show of support that we appreciate as we work to bring the uKeg Nitro to life, so thank you in advance! 

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